Thursday, October 13, 2011

Job Internship

 There are having a Job Internship in SEGi Kuala Lumpur College
on 12th and 13th Oct 2011.
You can choose your choice either in travel field,
management field or others field that you are interested. 

I'm here to talk about a company name Trailblazers integrated services.
Their job is to provide professional advice in general insurance,
personal financial planning, estate planning etc.

Sherry S.K. Chew, Senior wealth Planner of the company said,
they were here to get awareness from college student.
Awareness to know about their job.
A short intro about their job.
Coming 23th October 2011 they will have a briefing in Petaling Jaya.
This briefing will explain more details about their job.
How you communicate with your target,
how you sell your product to your consumer etc.

Sherry said every member will have meeting in every Monday morning, from8.30am - 9.30am.
They will separate new member in different group
and will guide them slowly until they get their loyal customer.

And you can either decide to be a full time colleague or part time member.
Every Wednesday night trainee have to attend a training for 1 hours.
And they have to updated to their senior regards their job scope.

From the info Sherry said that yesterday Phua Chu Chang was at Genting Highland gave speech for their company. And the group who hit the target of the year can enjoy the company trips for free.
She said that she went to Tokyo, Bali in the previous year.

If you are a college student and having your internship soon,
you can attend the coming briefing locate in Suite 6.01, Level 6, Tower 3, 
Jaya 33, No 3, Jalan Semangat, Section 12, 46100 Petaling Jaya. 

For more information can contact to 603-7721 6939
or e-mail to

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tastes Life

There is a special night with my special girlfriends
We spend 2 hours and a half looking for this special place
We can actually arrive Malacca for the 2 hours journey

A menu with a lot of attractive photo
We are so hungry, can't wait to order our dinner dish
Yet it was already 10pm.

 Ops! Forget to mention we are now at Lavazza Cafe.
A place nearby Cheras in Malaysia.
We came here for my dear friends, Fui Teng 21st celebration.

It was a nice place. 
I had order Sweet and spicy chicken leg as my dish.
 With a glass of Signature Drink, it taste sour >.<

And the birthday girl order a special Beef burger 
add on a side order, sesame magic ball.

It was a nice place for us to enjoy the delicious dish.
The chicken leg was so tasty with a mash potato and veges side.
I can't stop myself to have a bite on my friend dish.
It taste special and you should have a try on it.

Let talk about the dessert we have on that night.
It was a meaningful and special present from her boyfriends
He bake a wine chocolate blueberry cake for her.
I feel so touch for my first bite.
It taste sweet with a little bitter.
Just like life, we facing a lots of unhappy moment.
But without the unhappy moment we never know how the sweet taste like.